Best Mountain Bike 2018

There are a lot of great mountain bikes on the market today. Online you can find some of the best entry-level models, and for some of the best prices, you can hope to find them. Following are the top 10 mountain bikes you’ll find in 2018.

10. Kent Thruster T-29.

Coming in at number 10 on the list is the Kent Thrust T-29 men’s mountain bike. It’s lightweight, highly durable, and looks great. It features 6061 heat treated aluminum for the frame, which creates a powerful foundation that you know will last. The use of the heat treated aluminum is what makes it so lightweight, yet incredibly resilient. You can take quite a few tumbles on this bike without wrecking it entirely. Of course, every bike has its limits, and it’s not a good idea to test them.

Building upon that framework is a group of accessories and components with equally high standards. For example, the RS25 shifters from Shimano ensure extremely crisp and precise control. There’s also TZ31 Derailleurs in the mix to improve the performance of the drivetrain. Overall, it features excellent craftsmanship and choice of components from the frame to the shifters, to the tires themselves.

When you see the features this bike comes with listed on paper you immediately assume it’s an expensive, high-end model. You’ll be surprised to learn that it’s one of the most competitively priced models today. The price goes up a bit if you purchase it with the expert assembly, but that’s all about personal preference.


– The lightweight aluminum body that is extremely durable.

– Competitively priced with high-end components.


– The expert assembly is a bit pricey.

9. Stowabike 26” MTB V2.

What doesn’t this bike have going for it? It’s an incredible piece of craftsmanship designed by engineers who understand the need for space as well as the need for an awesome mountain bike. Even if you ignore the fact, its frame is lightweight, compact, and folds away, this is still one of the leading mountain bikes. But once you throw in that foldability it easily graces the list at number 9.

The frame is 26 inches and made of steel. That gives it quite a bit of durability, and it’s surprisingly lightweight considering the use of the steel frame. In comparison, the Kent Thruster a number ten weighs 41 pounds while the Stowabike weighs 38 pounds. Of course, the frame is roughly three inches shorter.

Who could benefit from a mountain bike like this? Just about anyone who values their space. Those who are tight on space will love it. That includes people who live in apartments, who are room-mating or anyone who spends time traveling in an RV. Space is limited and precious, and this bike doesn’t use much of it.


– Surprisingly lightweight despite the steel frame.

– Can fold away for easy storage.


– Missing some bells and whistles that most mountain bikes come with.

8. Dynacraft Women’s 26” 21 Speed Air Blast Bike.

Dynacraft has manufactured a full suspension entry-level mountain bike for women, and it doesn’t disappoint. It’s not the most intimidating bike on the scene, but don’t underestimate it. It features the same high-end Shimano grip shifters you’ll find on the Kent Thruster and many other leading mountain bikes. You have 21 speeds to work with, and every one of them makes a difference.

The saddle is padded, smooth, and comfortable. You’ll remain comfortable on the toughest of trails. The ride itself feels smooth overall. The smoothness and comfort of the ride help you remain in control and relaxed, which is extremely important for newcomers who may not have the confidence to tackle serious trails.

The front and rear steel brakes give you enough control to stop at any given moment, even when you’re pushing it at your top speed. And the lifetime warranty for the frame and the fork help protect the bike just in case you aren’t able to stop it on time. Overall, the features and the bike are designed for beginners, but that’s part of what makes it such a great bike.


– Perfect for women who are new to mountain biking.

– Powerful brakes, durable frame, and smooth handling.


– It only comes in one color: Pink.

7. Merax Falcon.

What do you see when you mix a 26-inch aluminum frame, Shimano 21-speed derailleurs and shifters, and linear pull brakes? You get the Merax Falcon 21-speed mountain bike, and it does not disappoint. It’s number 7 on this list for a good reason. It’s affordable, it’s powerful, and it gives you one smooth ride.

It’s still considered an entry-level bike, but it doesn’t get much better than this for the price you’re paying. There are very few bikes with such high-quality features that land under $500, but this one manages to stay under $200. If you use Amazon, they also give you a choice of color (unlike some mountain bikes on this list) and free shipping. If you’re a Prime member, then you may be able to bump it up to free 2-day shipping, but that’s no guarantee.

You may already be familiar with the Merax brand. They’ve been around since 1995 and have created some of the best entry level mountain bikes to hit the market. They have always specialized in creating products that were affordable, yet exceeded beyond expectation. It’s a tough thing to achieve, but they managed to do just that with the Merax Falcon.

Finally, a quick look at the specs. It features a 6061 heat treated aluminum alloy frame, a weight limit of 330 pounds, and linear pull breaks. The seat is pretty comfortable as far as mountain bikes are concerned and the bike looks great once you get it assembled.


– 6061 heat treated aluminum alloy frame.

– Manufactured by Merax, a trusted brand with a lot of experience.


– The assembly is pretty difficult.

6. 2018 Gravity FSX 1.0.

We’ve seen a lot of exceptional things happen in 2018 and this bike hitting the market was one of them. It’s the most expensive bike on this countdown (so far), but it’s also the best (so far). Like some of the other top contenders, it relies on a heat treated aluminum frame to deliver maximum durability while reducing the overall weight. The entire shipping weight of the product with the box is still only 35 pounds, which makes it even lighter than the Stowabike at number 9 on the list.

As for the components, they are all a tier above the competition. It uses Shimano shifters, of course, as they have become an industry standard for the best mountain bikes. The rear and front breaks are both disc breaks manufactured by Textron Novela. It has a dual suspension set-up and uses something known as single-pivot technology. The rear coil shock is adjustable to your liking.

Overall, it’s a great mountain bike. It has a high-quality aluminum frame, and all of the components are high quality as well. There’s no “weakest link” as there is with some mountain bikes.


– High-quality frame and components.

– Powerful disc brakes on front and back.


– Cannot be purchased pre-assembled.

5. Dynacraft Alpine Eagle.

When it comes to manufacturing mountain bikes for women, few companies can do it as well as Dynacraft can. This is the second time they’ve graced this list and this time they’ve someone managed to impress us even further.

The first difference you’ll notice when comparing this with their previous entry is that it doesn’t have to come in bright pink. The paint job on this model looks much nicer, and it lasts longer despite normal wear and tear. As with the other models, this comes with Shimano derailleur and shifters. It also has linear pull brakes, unlike their other model.

Despite being a general all-around improvement from their previous listing, the price doesn’t fluctuate much. It’s still considered a mountain bike for beginners, but maybe best reserved for someone with at least a bit of experience.


– Linear pull brakes and front shock fork.

– Alloy rims.

– Deluxe paint job.


– Won’t satisfy hardcore mountain bike enthusiasts.

4. Kent Thruster KZ2600.

The last time we saw Kent Thruster on this list, it was at number ten. Now they’re here again and just one number short of the top three. While it may not be in the top three, the KZ2600 is still a top-tier mountain bike by anyone’s standards. And, yet again, they manage to pack all of your favorite high-end features into an affordable package.

The KZ2600 uses the familiar Shimano 21 speed shifters but breaks away from the norm with A Rear Tourney Derailleur. Most would consider that a bold move, if not a gamble, but it paid off very well. This is an excellent bike, and the Rear Tourney is part of the reason why.

Unlike some other bikes, this one has different brake types for the front and the back. Up front is the disc brakes and in the back are more traditional linear pull brakes. The combination works well and delivers a smooth stop all of the time. The frame is just as durable as before, except now we have alloy wheel rims as well. It’s an improvement from the T-29 and worth the slight increase in price.


– Very affordable despite high-end features.

– Front disc brakes and linear pull brake in the rear.


– Included assembly instructions aren’t very detailed.

3. Huffy Men’s Alpine.

Don’t let the name fool you; you’ll be glad you purchased the Alpine from Huffy. It looks sleek and sophisticated, but it performs like a professional powerhouse. Huffy has always shown an appreciation for flair and style. It’s not enough that their bikes perform at the top of their game, but they need to look amazing too, which they always do.

The frame is made of steel, which you might think is a bit outdated since most bikes are moving to aluminum, but the Alpine is still lightweight and easy to handle. It offers a variety of 18 speeds with a six-speed indexed derailleur in the rear. The twist shift is smooth and easy to use. As for the steel crank, it’s tough and reliable.

It’s clear that every part was chosen with durability in mind. This bike can take a lot of heavy hits before it starts to show the signs. And you’ll rarely find yourself needing to replace anything. Just make sure you don’t forget your helmet because you’ll break long before the bike does.


– Extremely durable.

– Maybe the best-looking mountain bike of 2018


– Steel frame feels a bit outdated.

2. Roadmasters 26” Men’s Granite Peak.

What separates top-tier mountain bikes from the competition? One of the factors is the attention to style as well as performance. It’s not enough to work well and last long; the bike needs to look good too. You don’t want to be embarrassed when it’s on the back of the truck or RV. The Granite Peak from Roadmaster is a bike that you are proud to show off to your friends. It looks great and performs at the top of its class.

It has a 3-piece mountain crank and linear pull brakes all-around. The stopping power is amazing, but not always comfortable. The frame is made of steel and is a bit heavier than most others on this list, but it can take a beating like nobody’s business. The best part is that the whole package is less than $100.


– Easily the best mountain bike for less than $100 in 2018.


– Heavy frame made from steel.

1. ORKAN Hybrid Mountain Bike.

Finally, the leader of our list, is the Hybrid from Orkan. To put it simply, it comes with all of the best features you would expect in an entry level mountain bike. That includes durable Shimano components, a frame that can take a beating, and an impressive paint job. It has a weight capacity of 250 pounds but is recommended for 200 pounds or less.

Part of what makes this the top mountain bike of 2018 is the hybrid design. You can shred tough trails, or you can ride to work on it. You can even take it for a leisurely cruise at the park. It’s designed to suit all of your biking needs and does so wonderfully.


– Hybrid design perfect for a variety of uses.

– Features all of the best components.


– Large and heavy steel frame.

In Conclusion.

There are a lot of great mountain bikes out there. Consider the features that are important to you before making any purchasing decisions. You might find that you have your own “#1 pick”.